Friday, July 8, 2011

:: finaLLy ::

Done my internship yesterday
so upsad

 lazy & tire to wake up early in the morning,
but still have energy to walk along the HKL to IJN.
actually, this is my best intership i have done as compared to the previous.
thanks Allah coz U gave me the special & interesting hospital for me to do my intenship

Last day, yesterday (8 July2011)
memang happening giler.
have lecture session with En. Zaidi, En. Azman & En. Latiff.
Tqvm to all of U.
I learned more about coronary angioraphy & nuclear cardiology.


very appologize also coz we are not good enough in anatomy of the heart
even u explained it many2 times
we cannot answer it spontaneously when u asked
3D image is same with 2D image
how come er....
seriously slow to pick it up

went to MR cardiography
meet the very hensome radiographer there
En. Khairul A. U dah married rupe yer. 
I'm very Dissapointed after saw ur wedding picture.
never mind i'll find someone outside there
i'll pray for u & your family 
*happy family*

  and meet  our senior ex-IIUM student, Bro Shafiq R too.
owesome saw they perform MR procedure.
very cool in giving instruction but very fast and knowledgable perform the procedure.
salute to both of u.


First week at IJN, i said IJN hampeh
but it totally wrong.
it's really2 siyok
tak terungkap kata2 kegembiraan berintern at IJN
learned more, shared more and exposed more too

my be
i'll join IJN one day for my future who knows
only Allah know it.
private hospital is totally different compared to government hospital

thanks to all of U once again.
En. Azman. En. Zaidi. En. Jani. En. Rizal. En. Shamarul. En. Tarmizi. En. Shafiq M. En. Shafiq R. En. Latif and not forget to the most hensome radiogrpher there En. Khairul.
I will see u all (IJN's radioraphers staff) at conference
Paris. Korea. Japan. Washington.
France. Germany. China. Sydney. London. Russia.

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