Monday, July 4, 2011

:: 1st Day at NuCLeAr MeDiCiNe ::

Yes, Yes, hureee
we finished our intern at ICL (interventive cardivascular Lab)
have learned many things there

seriously i forgot the anatomy of the heart
first day, memang malu giler bila radiographer (En. Eddy) asked me about that.
no respond

so, balik rumah kena la study
p/s En.Eddy : question pless
i dah confident to answer ur question

Lain yang study, lain pulak yang disoal
blood vessel of the heart la pulak

what i have learned
We have 2 main coronary artery

1) right coronary artery
2) left coronary artery

how to differentiate these two coronaries??
answer : left coronary artery has many2 branches (simple answer is sangat berserabut)
left coronary artery branches:
 a) Lcx ( left circumflex) artery
b) LAD (left anterior descending artery

LAD branches :
i) diagnal
ii) septal
Lcx branches :
1) 1st obtuse marginal (OM)
2) 2nd OM 
and so fort la......

See image below if don't understand ;) easy kan.
baru la syok nak stay kat ICL
kalu tak giler2 borink
nothing to do 
at least i went there i've learned all of this
tqvm to radiogrphers yg sudi mengajar ktrg
especially En.Eddy & En. Jani
unforgetful also to   CV technologist  muhaimin coz sanggup melayan kitarang yg sengal ni

semoga ilmu yang dicurahkan berkekalan selamanya
ameen ya rabbal a'lamin

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