Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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After Maghrib, I'm slept  almost 3hours (besa ea, bz kot ari ni,tp mcm pelik pg td bkn yer ada cls)......sedar2 time is already 10.00pm..Mamun2...mamai2...bangun tengok all my roomates studying. hahahah. terok betul. Even many assignments need to finish up, sleeping still number one.....hehehehe. It is me Akma zakia, Nobody knows me but only me know it.....hahahaha

Now time to study:-
just now, I read E-book that have been given by our HOD. Dh berkurun lama dh E-Book 2, arini bru aku  belek.huhuhuhu. Baca2x.........................
5 Basic densities that normally present on x-ray:
  • Gas -appear black
  • fat - dark grey
  • soft tissue/fluid- light grey
  • bone/calcification - white
  • metal - intense white
if  u all want to understand the sentence above, use ur medical checkup x-ray film and apply it. U'll understand it. 

Assignment la plak...... my topic is "Quality control in Computer Radiography"

Quality Assurance (QA): a philosophy that aims t control the efforts of all staffs to ensure that every aspect of their works is directed towards the achievement of high quality performance.

 QA is divided into 2 main aspect: 1) Quality Managment
                                                         2) Quality Control

Quality Control (QC): controlling and monitoring the process to produce quality services and systems. it involve policies and procedures that are succint, understood and undertaken by all radiographers in line with quality managment and allocated resources for quality control procedures.

                                 want Proceed with my task......Bubai :)

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